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If the products have dysfunction and problems from the company only fault in the starter or alternator are considered faults (or less than one year passes from the date the product) the production is subject to the terms of the guarantee and all authorized firms are obliged to accept products.

Automotive starter troubleshooting guide:

Troubles Troubleshooting
Engine workflow is normal but the motor is not on. The flaw is in the ignition or fuel system.
The workflow engine is slow and it is not on. The battery is weak. Battery cables are faulty or with loose connections.
(motor is not turning). Headlight light is dim. (Weak or defective battery and often sound is solenoid) automatic. Start involves the battery loose connections
(motor is not turning). Headlight light is dim Switch or button is faulty. Connections are disconnected. Start is faulty.
Starting has the unusual sound. Start after engine start is involved. Start the installation when the engine is inappropriate. Fault in switch. Gear is corroded.
Note: When the driver has to more starting he has to increase time of starting, because the increase in temperature due to the sequential and sequential start workarounds cause damage to electrical components even burning of the start.
The frequency and duration of starts: how to start:
- Maximum starting time: 8 seconds
- The minimum time between two consecutive start: 01 sec
- The maximum number of consecutive start: 8 times
- hand brake is pulled.
- Additional lights and appliances are turned off.
- Clutch pedal to the end and then the Start button is pressed and net gear and the engine start to pedal clutch hold until the end.

Service providing

All customers and consumers of the products during the warranty period

Service providing manner

Offer the product to the place of purchase or an authorized representative or sales office in Tehran

Documents required

No distortion of the product label and having a hologram and perforation warranty on the product label


Product warranty will be no cost to the customer.

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Latest News

The new version of the Website of Saj industrial group -

Saj industrial group with more than 04 year activity in the automotive starter and alternator parts, has offered new version published on its website under the URL.
Web isupgraded to the new version and will be accompanied with extensive facilities. The new version is user friendly web site that has definitely pleasant experience to work with the new version website.
Spread through the new website, the quality and level of access to information, products and services have been increased and customers of the company will be able to post their own needs with more speed and less effort.
We invite you to learn more about Saj Industrial Group and its products and services, from other parts of the Web. Please visit the site.

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You are invited to attend the exhibition booth of [your company name] please visit.

The technical specifications of the new alternator armature -

Saj industrial group based on customer feedback and to improve product quality dynamo armature after the necessary investigations and replace the relevant formats, new sample with new technical specifications produced.
Saj industry was introduced as an example of the quality in the province in 2012 by the standard of Industrial Research of Iran.

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