CEO Message      

In the name of God


In the past year, despite the constraints and challenges facing the automotive industry, including problems related to validity, limitations of sanctions, restrictions on financing to increase production and sales volumes, liquidity pressure due to the intensity of competition and changes in methods of credit to cash sales, heavy financial costs, this industry group by adopting policies and strategic plans in line with the vision and goals predetermined was able to overcome most of these problems and optimal performance. 
2013 was passed, the year was full of ups and downs and concern and empathy for the year which could wave health threats and sanctions to reach the year 2014.

Saj Industrial Group believes that the capital of the company, its customers is based on the belief in customer satisfaction, superior quality products and services, as well as continuous innovation and development of the company which are of the achievements and prospects of the Company. In this regard, the website aims to offer information and basic requirements in connection with the variety of products produced by this unit to encourage the customer to constructive relationship with the aim of continuous improvement, to take greater steps to better serve the consumer field internal and external work.
Here it is necessary acknowledge the customers who choose Saj products, as well as persons with review our services and products, this unit will help my sincere thanks and appreciation.
We hope to be able to serve a worthy investment and gain customer satisfaction.

Mahmoud Baomid