Quality Control : 

Saj has a quality control unit that is responsible for quality control and verification of eligibility by the Bureau of Standards and Industrial Research and guidelines for monitoring and measurement of product, as well as a description of a job at the station a) control of materials and items b) control during production b) control of the final product as follows:

Control of incoming materials and items:

In order to control incoming materials and items we shall comply with the following:

1. Inform quality control on entry of goods into the warehouse with a leaf reached by Storage

2. Inspection of the quality control of incoming goods with quality plans with priority registration results with unmatched parts and recording of 5 items in filing dimensional control results.

3. If the input of raw materials or goods needs to be analyzed as examples of quality control involves accredited laboratories outside the company. The sampling quality plans are offered for each product. So checking incoming materials and items may include material analysis, experiments on properties of the mechanical and dimensional measurements.

4. After receiving analysis tests, mechanical inspector with the standard and quality control results are adapting with the application. If approved, leaves the goods receipt) warehouse receipt (signed by the inspector, quality control and goods Let achieves storage.

When the contraction of minor non-compliance with reporting and analysis has to be seen in relation to quality issues quality control for permission to use the material in the production process issued.

5. After crossing the canal, controlled substances and items imported goods warehousing raw materials required to install the track form will be imported on consignment.

6. The special conditions may damage the materials and items for approval before production release of emergency, the inspector C by inserting “emergency release” forms creates the opportunity to track this event compliance with specified requirements, it is possible to call and immediate replacement.

Control of production:

This directive aims to detect non-compliance with any of the stages of production to ensure product quality. In order to achieve this, the following steps shall be considered:

1.To start production early parts inspected by quality control inspectors placed. This control is based on quality plans for each product. And the results are recorded on the appropriate forms. If there is no conflict continues production and if there is a conflict, identification and reporting of nonconforming product QC issued by the inspector. In order to determine the state of nonconforming product, the QC control of nonconforming product shall proceed in accordance with the procedure.

In each of the steps you need to take corrective or preventive action is in accordance with the procedure corrective action or preventive action procedure is performed. The nonconforming product and corrective or preventive action are carried out to eliminate the causes of non-compliance of license issued by the quality control section. 

2. To examine and inspection according to the definitions in the Method and technology sheet by the operator based on the quality plans at intervals defined by quality control inspectors and record the results in the relevant forms. If the non-compliance observed, production stops and procedures such as removal of non-compliance shall be repeated.

3. Continuation of manufacturing operations by the staff of production and inspection plans for the control operation.

4. Defective items in the production process are transported and controlled in a red box for defective items. Quality is required to separate the defective items fortnightly action.

Online parts store waste must be transported and modified parts are modified.

5. In the production, the transfer of semi-manufactured product to the warehouse is done after confirmation of quality control to storage devices. This is confirmed by the seal and signature of quality control in the form of goods receipt) warehouse receipt. 


Control of the final product:

The purpose of this section of the guidelines is to ensure that all inspections and tests specified in the product ready are cleared. To this end, the following steps will be taken to achieve this goal:

1. After confirming the quality of the product would acquire the license entry. After packing operation in stock the final product, quality control to check the packaging of the product ready. Controlled factors in quality plans are defined.

2. In case of non-compliance by the operator to identify or detect non-compliance with packaging and quality control inspector control of nonconforming product is operated in accordance with the procedure.

3. After the packaging, the product is ready. One hundred percent of the product is packaged operator the appearance and layout properly, in accordance with the procedure control.

4. Packing operation and control by the operator is carried out according to the method of hundred percent packaging. 




When sending prototypes to customer segments, the customers specifically request according to qualitative ones. The report of the analysis of raw materials, metallurgical and mechanical properties is issued according to the dimensions and other specifications. Test report is prepared by responsible for quality control.



Check product compliance :

Annually on 14 samples of different products with high product proliferation are sampled according to conformity assessment form in Form No. F-079 and its attachments, sampling and data collection conformity is done with the completion of the study, the percentage of compliance.