About us 


Saj Industrial Group more than 40 years experience in service providing and employment regarding to fulfilling of the national goals, industrial self sufficiency and development of the country industry by production of start and generator of the heavy automobile of start and generator items by effort in order to implement development and optimization of the products quality received certificate of ISO9001-2015 from DOS company in Germany due to confirmation with the world standards.

At now, it has more than 100 representatives in the country and collaborates with Tractor Manufacturing Company, IDEM and Lift Truck and etc and tries to enter to world competition scope and preserve customer based policy and achieve the customer satisfaction. The management policy of this company is based on the divine value, self reliance and hard-working by the help of experienced experts and by the aim of development of plan and production increase. Firm has entered the arena of global competition and maintains customer-oriented policy steps in the consent of the customers.

Policy-based management of the company: divine values and perseverance have been established despite the experts with experience in the development and enhancement of their own products. We hope to have a role in the country’s booming auto industry.